Welcome to the Putnam Lab at the University of Michigan!

Residing in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UM, the Putnam Lab conducts fundamental and applied research in cell and tissue engineering. Our fundamental research addresses how the mechano-chemical properties of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the microenvironment influence cell fate choices and morphogenesis. Our engineering efforts then seek to leverage this fundamental knowledge to inspire the design of “instructive materials” for regenerative medicine applications and as model systems in which to study disease.  Much of our recent work as focused on building functional microvasculature capable of inosculating with host blood vessels to perfuse engineered and ischemic tissues.

The Putnam Lab gratefully acknowledges funding from federal and state government agencies, private foundations, the University of Michigan, and philanthropy.  Thank you for supporting our research in regenerative medicine.

Robert C. Leland, Jr. and Donna D. Leland Professorship in Biomedical Engineering and Cardiovascular Medicine

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Capillary Morphogenesis

Image credit: Cyrus Ghajar